About Philpaper

Philpaper is a Software as a Service solution that allows you to quickly distribute your online Learning Programs without any complicated implementation. Philpaper is designed from a user’s perspective: clear, easy and robust. It works on any device.

Why Philpaper?

We saw the need for a robust, safe and above all easy platform for sharing online learning activities. Without hassle, without complicated implementation and focused on the learner.

Many learning systems are so extensive in their functionalities, that it becomes overwhelming. If you don’t need all that functionality, Philpaper is there for you.


Our pursuit

We want to keep the functionality of Philpaper simple and focused on the user.

Further development means to us: extended use of xAPI to register, track, personalize and improve learning activities and creation of new Activity Providers for learning.


xAPI in practice – an example

Imagine users preparing for a theoretical and practical skills test in order to obtain a license. They must prepare as efficiently and safely as possible. You would want to identify learnings problems in an early stage in order to offer support and tooling. This is where xAPI comes in.

With xAPI, we can link learning data from different sources. For example:

  • Score on a knowledge test
  • Results from an exercise with interactive videos
  • Data from a device or machine that is being handled
  • Assessment by a trainer/coach

Combining these learning data shows the bigger picture. You can identify bottlenecks in an early stage. This allows you to timely offer new learning activities that match the learning profile and progress of your users.

Our members must meet quality requirements and stay up-to-date. We use Philpaper for sharing and testing knowledge.

– NIVRE (Dutch Institute for Insurance Claim-Experts)

Philpaper Teams

Philpaper consists of passionate interaction specialists, software engineers and developers. We work from Utrecht and Iasi (Romania).

We have a support team operating from the Netherlands.


Supported by Splintt

Philpaper is supported by Splintt online training services.

Splintt develops eLearning solutions and bespoke online learning activities in order to transfer complex knowledge and skills.




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Philpaper is supported by Splintt online training services