Online knowledge sharing with learning platform Philpaper

Offer your clients, members or employees eLearning via Philpaper. Easy set-up in your own style. 

For online learning

Full focus on eLearning programs consisting of micro-learnings, available on any device.

Quickly live

Easy implementation, instantly a nice look&feel and live within an hour if you want.

Easy to use

User-friendly and intuitive, you do not need training. Whether you are learning, or managing.

40,000+ users

For efficient online knowledge transfer and training of customers, members or employees.

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Robust, Safe, Easy

Philpaper is a user-focused learning platform, delivered as Software as a Service. Philpaper is designed for availability, scalability and security with a modern WebAPI architecture. Philpaper is based on the experience API and offers learning management functionalities and integration options.

Quickly in own look&feel

Stel per leerthema een eigen achtergrond in en creëer de uitstraling die je wilt hebben.

Combine micro-learnings

Upload xAPI content, movies and documents. Flexibly compose Learning Programs with the smart container structure.

Collect learning data

Learning experiences are stored in detail in a Learning Record Store, the datastore for xAPI. Ideal for monitoring and improvement of learning programs.

"All set-up easily and its looking very professional"

– Manchester Airport Group

Smart containers

With our smart container structure, you can easily compose online Learning Programs. Combine micro-learnings around a theme. Micro-learnings can include eLearning modules, tests, movies, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents.

Easily reach your customers, members or employees

With Philpaper you can quickly train your target group and transfer knowledge. As soon as your content is ready, learners can start learning. Invite learners via integrated email invitation, self-registration or single-sign-on.

eLearning distribution does not have to be complicated

With Philpaper you have a learning platform that is innovative, secure and stable for online knowledge transfer and training.

Philpaper is supported by Splintt online training services