An eLearning distribution system that has everything you need

With Philpaper’s smart containers, you can flexibly compose online Learning Programs. Structured and easy to use for learners. Philpaper offers comprehensive reporting options and is suitable for use on any device.

Compose your Learning Program

With Philpaper’s smart containers, you are very flexible in creating Learning Programs.
Define your theme, divide it into topics and add micro-learnings, eLearning modules, movies, animations and documents.

Features and functionalities of Philpaper

With Philpaper you ensure that you offer clear online Learning Programs to customers, members or employees. Without complicated implementation.

Learning Environment for learners

Super friendly and structured user-interface.

Composing Learning Programs

Easily compose online Learning Programs with Philpaper’s smart container building blocks.

On any device

Learn on desktop, laptop, tablet and Smartphone.

Group Management

Easily organize user groups. A user can belong to multiple groups.


Extensive reporting capabilities. Learning results are stored in a Learning Record Store, the data store for xAPI.


Philpaper supports on-premise Active Directory and Azure AD.

Experience API/xAPI

xAPI is a specification for collecting learning activities. xAPI lets you trace learning experiences in virtually any context (not just in an LMS). Both online and off-line, xAPI enables the registration, tracking, personalization and improvement of learning activities.


Philpaper includes hosting and management of underlying IT systems. You benefit from the continuous development of Philpaper. You pay for use.


Philpaper is based on Azure services. All of these services are scalable and highly available according to the Azure SLA.

Look & Feel

The front end is easy to adjust to your own look & feel by adding a custom background and logo.


Philpaper is by default available in English and Dutch.

Security & Privacy

Philpaper is designed with security and privacy in mind. Personal data are stored within Europe.

"We offer all the government officials eLearnings about digitization, consisting of micro-learnings that are nicely structured in Philpaper."

– Academy for Digitization and Computerization (part of the Dutch Government)

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