Portfolio and Customers

Philpaper is used by organizations who want to train their customers, members or employees using eLearning.


Online training and assessments for members of the Dutch Institute for Insurance Claim-Experts.


Academy for Digitization and Computerization (part of the Dutch government): eLearning for government employees about digitization. Register via the RADIO website.


Online Program on Insider Threat Prevention, funded by the European Union. Open enrollment for learners via the Help2Protect website.


eLearnings on compliance and information security for employees working in different companies, offered by Splintt.


For suppliers of and employees at Zehnder. Online training on heating and ventilation.

Manchester Airport Group

To70 Aviation Consultants develops A-CDM training for Manchester Airport.


Increase your chances of success with Lean-Agile product development.


Quick scans and eLearning as a marketing tool.

De Heus Animal Feed

Online Feed Academy for knowledge transfer to consultants.


Learn to present with a Story design e-course. Order via their website.


Various eLearning programs for all employees.

University of Groningen

Online Learning Program for school teachers, who can register themselves on a website.

Scalable, secure and super easy to use for users in all countries of the European Union.

-Aviation Insider Threat Recognition and Prevention

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