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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Subscription on Philpaper work?

A subscription grants you access to the online learning platform. With a subscription you can compose online Learning Programs, give learners access to all learning activities and monitor usage. A Basic Subscription consists of an annual fee. User Subscriptions can be bought per package.

Can you also help with content creation?

Yes. We can provide customized online learning activities. We can execute specific services as well as deliver full-service. Also check out

Is Philpaper an LMS?

Philpaper has LMS functionalities for compiling, offering and managing online Learning Programs. You could call Philpaper an eLearning distribution system, rather than an LMS.

If you want more than eLearning (for example, scheduling and managing classroom trainings, coaching and webinars), you would need a full LMS.

Because Philpaper is so easy and user-friendly, it is often used besides a traditional LMS. Integration (single-sign-on) is also possible.


How to start using Philpaper?

We will do a basic set-up for you and learn you how everything works within 30 minutes. Once you have content available, learners can start learning.

Is single-sign-on integration possible?

Sure. We deliver this as a standard option within the Basic Subscription. So no extra costs.

What kind of content can I upload?

You can upload xAPI packages on Philpaper. For example, micro-learnings, eLearning modules, quizzes and assessments developed with authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Rise, Lectora or Captivate.

Movies and animations (mp4) can be uploaded separately, just like documents (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint).

Does Philpaper have its own authoring tool?

No. Philpaper focuses on structured distribution of content. There are excellent eLearning authoring tools on the market. The advantage of this is that we do not create a lock-in. You can easy remove your content anytime you like.

What authoring tools do you recommend?

We recommend Articulate 360 with Storyline and Rise, Lectora Publisher and Gomo Learning Suite. For information and licences, please refer to The Courseware Company.

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